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How Do I Find The Right Person For Me?

I Want To Know!

Very often, people do not understand why they have not had THE romantic meeting of their life, while others around them are in a relationship and appear to be perfectly happy. I use the term “appear” since I remain convinced that, well, the perfect couple does not exist. Love remains a vast subject, for which everyone will have their own vision. Saying stop to being single and learning how to recognize a soul mate remain of particular importance for many human beings, against all odds, and deeply engrained within each of us, be this conscious or unconscious.

Far beyond the pathological fear of not being in a relationship and of remaining single, for me, the pressure to find the ideal partner remains one of the most incomprehensible things in the world in which we live.

I would like to explain to you how to find love and to convince you that meeting the right person these days can really be possible.

But let's start asking ourselves the right questions

Why are we looking for love?

We all grow up hoping to find the right person for us, to meet a soul mate one day, to win them over, and to spend the rest of our life with them.

Whatever the benefits of being alone, humans are not made to be on their own. Since the dawn of time, Man has been conditioned with the idea of "living together," on the basis of the founding of the family and on all the principles that give rise to marriage. And yet nowadays, a large amount of men and women are alone or in a relationship and not necessarily married ... and not necessarily happy.

If everybody’s love story is not the same, don't we each have our own concept of love?


How do I find the right person for me?

Assuming that one of these friends in question is experiencing one of the most beautiful love stories that exist, the love story that makes you dream, could you just tell me what is the difference between her and you? Do you have the same emotional past? NO. Did you have the same childhood? NO. Did your respective parents have the same concept of their love life, and of married life? NO.

This is why I insist that it is completely useless to compare yourself to someone else, or even to anybody else at all. Remember, everyone is unique, which makes every love story unique. Also, who can tell us if this beautiful love story, which you look at today with your single eyes, definitely will translate into lasting love ... If there is one thing that is uncertain, it is love.

Asking the right questions isn't always easy, meeting the right person isn't easy either!

Moreover, this is the first mistake in my opinion. Love cannot be sought out, it is love which finds us.

The second mistake we all make is to look around ourselves ... As mentioned above, for many couples, their outward appearance leads us to believe that they have the perfect story, yet we all know that one in two couples separates, which leaves me a little doubtful about this perception of the perfect couple.

So yes, your best friend might be having a great love affair, but keep in mind that it is not clear what exactly couples go through in their private lives.

Will your story be the fingerprint and DNA of your future love life?

What if you took the time to know, understand and discover the story of your life...

Maybe the solution is easier than you think. The universe has its mysteries and so does love.

The simple fact of being in a relationship brings its share of hope, allows exchange and the ability to bond. It is the weaving of this bond that can seem complex to many of us. Often confronted with fears, our emotions have more power than unconditional love, leaving room for doubt and uncertainty.

Finding love and establishing an unbreakable bond with the right person, mentally, physically, and spiritually, prepares you for this beautiful journey of love. However, if you are still single and your love life seems somewhat complex to you, I invite you to read my article: why am I still single?

So, how do you find the right person for you?

You who have read these few lines and who are in search of the ideal love, to all those who think that meeting a soul mate is only a dream, know that a wise old philosopher once said that even the wildest dreams of love are a part of reality, provided that we do not fall asleep on our dreams.

I hope you find the love that you need, so that every hour and every day gives you the strength to love and to be loved.

Lift the veil on the mystery of love, let me make your wildest dreams a reality, so that you can meet the right person for you.