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Mon ex fait un silence radio


Why Is He/She On Radio Silence?

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It might surprise you, but these days, breakup or divorce has become common, almost commonplace. Paradoxically, despite all the tools we have to communicate, distance creeps up insidiously, right from the start of the breakup. What I call "no more sound, no more image ..." Here you are in infamous radio silence. In addition to the pain of the breakup, the lack of communication doesn't leave you with much hope, resulting in you being left with doubt and resentment, and I understand that very well. However, ignoring certain rules after a breakup can have all kinds of negative ramifications for a possible future relationship with your ex, did you know that?

What about our expectations?

Did you know that resentment arises from our expectations and resentment also gives rise to our expectations?

If I start this article with such a revealing introduction, it's that the adverse effects of resentment can have an irreversible impact on the relationship.

And yet, I know that this is not your intention, but unfortunately what may be perceived by the other partner is quite another thing.

After the announcement of a breakup, we cannot help but try to clarify things and to do this, the use of the phone, calls or texting, seems to be the first instinct.

When our partner does not answer any calls or messages, it is then that a wave of emotions invades us, leaving us stuck in an endless wait.

And that's when resentment or anger, with a few nuances, kicks in, spiralling out of control ... But why don’t they answer my calls?????? Your little inner voice tells you "But what are they playing at?" 

To blame your partner for such behaviour may seem legitimate, and therefore we do not see the line that should not be crossed. Faced with radio silence, many people find there is a valid reason to reiterate the contacts, which unfortunately push them to the extreme… Result: many people find themselves at the limits of being harassed.

When patience alternates with impatience: Harmful damage

Let’s suppose you can't stand the fact of being separated and the only way to heal yourself from such an injury would be just be to hear their voice, aren't we in some kind of love manipulation? But if the valid reason would be to know if he or she still loves you, then that changes everything.

Let me explain, I am not here to put you on trial, however when a person suggests the need for a break in a relationship, it is that this time is more than a need, in certain cases of breakup, it is a necessity.

When a person wallows in silence and puts themself in underwater mode, there is still a solution… Everyone knows the expression: "Run away from me, I run after you, Run away from you, you follow me.”. This is one of the mysteries of the human psyche and it is one of the mysteries of love ... So, your one and only question is will he/she will get in touch with you again?

Well, the answer is yes, even if love is not enough to solve every relationship problem, even if radio silence and distance have come between the two people in the relationship, the only question you have to ask yourself is this: will he / she come back into your life?

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I want to know what to do and to break the silence between us

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