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combien de temps va durer ma relation


For One Day or Forever?

I want to know

The real mystery of love is to love each other just for today, without counting the days you have already passed, without worrying about the future and what it may have in store for us, simply living just for today, and just to love each other in the present moment ...

Very easy to read and above all very easy to say, isn't it?

However, in real life, far from any philosophical theory, a couple, or even people in a new relationship need a common project, a perspective for the future. We all need to build and preferably for the long term, because that is obviously more reassuring. Since antiquity, love has preoccupied philosophers, and building a lasting relationship is an ideal to achieve for some, a quest for others, in any case a mystery for all… Except for those who are reading this article!

Brand new, fresh and wonderful!

At the start of a relationship, you're always in "Come on, we love each other, and now we love everything" mode.

You think you have met your soul mate, but you have a hard time understanding this very special relationship. We have all known and experienced love at some point in our lives! That warm, uplifting feeling that comes into our lives without warning, for which we have no instruction manual on "how to deal with the other person." 

This intense and unprecedented love which enters our life, destabilizing us through its mystery, to such an extent that doubt itself whispers to us in a low voice: attention, dangerous bond!

So, should we nurture this relationship or let it end as soon as doubt sets in, no matter how painful it is to us, because the thought that this relationship might end frightens us?

This is a very complex and unusual subject, because not everyone has the chance to experience and have met their soul mate in their lifetime, so believe me, the question you are asking yourself today is almost reassuring.

Knowing the future of a relationship is reassuring, I understand that very well.

In addition, we all more or less agree, that we would like to be able to read our partner's mind, this would more easily indicate the route we need to take and reassure us about this space and time element that is beyond our control.

For one day or forever?

Loving each other forever has become a real challenge in today's world ...

When we start a relationship, it's not uncommon to feel like time has lost its grip, as if space and time no longer matter.

This is the passage of time, I would even say, this is love!

We spend time with this new partner and the energies blend into one, leaving the impression that nothing can touch us.

Yet the importance of the passage of time frightens us and causes anguish. You are happy in this relationship, yet even among those close to you, some people are asking questions. This relationship is difficult for your loved ones too, because they feel that something extraordinary is happening for you, but they share the same fear as you, will they stay together? Will this relationship stand the test of time?

Forever love!

Even if life as a couple is not always a fairy tale! Because who said it was easy? Love is also the story of compromises, readjustments, discussions, all of course constructed on the basis of a lot of love!

Forever? Is it really possible to know the duration of your relationship? Above all, is it possible to know the right attitudes to adopt to make this work?

The answer is definitely yes!

The great paradox is that if you asked this question for your professional future, you would be immediately offered a business plan, so that you could sit comfortably looking at a serene, enriching and reassuring future. But obviously in love, it is quite different…. Well, I don't agree! Fortunately nowadays, many tools like astrology and relationship compatibility studies carried out by intuitive coaches, have delivered many more secrets and solutions than a business plan. 

Loving each other forever is possible, just give me your partner's first name and date of birth.

Do you have a long way to go together still, or the road nearly at its end?

I want to know