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How Can You Get The Love of Your EX Back Again?


Many breakups are alike, but every story is different, every breakup has its reasons. Here is a vast topic, admittedly an interesting one! Trying to get the love of your ex back again: does this imply that your partner does not love you anymore?

When we have the feeling that the person who makes our heart beat no longer loves us as they did in the initial days, that the flame is slowly extinguishing and is imperceptibly leading us towards losing our love, the world crumbles around us.

In the majority of cases, this creates immense sadness and can eventually lead to a breakup, resulting in romantic depression, simply because it is impossible for you to move on. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for breakup, because it is very important to give these priority, since it is thanks to them that there are methods and appropriate solutions to change your ex's mind.

Here is love, that cataclysmic feeling, absolutely unpredictable, uncontrollable...

The feeling of love is difficult to define and, for many couples, it is not uncommon to continue to love each other, even if the feelings of love have gradually declined over time. We then speak of affection and unfortunately love no longer finds its place.

To get your ex's love back again, you have to ask yourself the right question: does he / she still love me? And most importantly, start to take a really good look at the relationship and the most interesting thing, how you got to be where you are.

There is an old proverb: "Leave each other to better love each other". Could this proverb work in your favour? Could distance allow you to write a new chapter?

Frustration and melancholy give the impression that there are still many pages to write in the book of your love story.

First, let's start by asking ourselves the right questions, because who says that he or she doesn't love you anymore?!

A reduction of feelings doesn't always lead to a breakup, something else has obviously happened ... But what?

Because your partner told you: I'm leaving you because I don't love you anymore!

Completely false! You don't leave someone because you don't love them anymore ... Love is not: "I turn off my feelings and go off to do something else".

Throughout my career, I have seen many couples tear each other apart for love. It is very obvious and, it is also a certainty, that you cannot forget someone overnight, even if that person claims to have made a new life.

The story that one nail drives another out, I simply don’t believe. Even if a person claims to have rebuilt their life, their memories remain intact. Yes, the love or memory of your time together will only haunt the person who left you.

The Keyword is CHANGE!

Changes in behaviour will play a major role in the evolution of the relationship, on the hidden points of suffering. Prove to him or her that you have changed and accept that he or she has changed as well. And above all open your eyes.

You will have to take another look at the situation, not only to avoid repeating the same mistakes, but above all, you will have to stay on your guard and adopt a sincere approach.

It's not your partner who needs to change, just you and the way you both see your future life. Because if the two of you are there, it is because there is something and in particular, someone, who has led you to break up.

Are we programmed to be blinded by love?

Love isn't just a feeling, it's not just a story of chemistry. Nor is it a simple and rational theory, love is fragile and can be disturbed by outsiders, hiding a whole social environment whose influence is not negligible.

I am going to share my experience as an intuitive coach with you, which has enabled me to observe that 99.9% of relationship breakdowns are due to a third person, because even a loss of feelings does not always lead to a separation.

For example, in the list of breakers of relationships, we find: the mother-in-law, the best friend, the influence of a co-worker, a family member who is not a whole sister, brother, cousin etc…. And unfortunately, the lover who did their job very well.

Narcissistic pervert by choice, don't you agree with me that before knowing if your partner still has feelings for you, above all you need to know who is distracting them from their deeper reality?

So, the real question is: who destroyed the relationship?

There are still opportunities to bring your EX back and to get their love back again. But on the other hand, these opportunities must be seized! And for that, you have to act the right way and to use the best strategy. And above all, as I always say, ask yourself the right questions.

Who manipulated your partner to the point of breaking up your relationship?

Who has managed to sow doubt in your story?

Would you like to obtain all the keys to optimize the chances of saving your relationship with the sole OBJECTIVE: to get your EX back?