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Are You Going to Make Up Together?

Yes, I want This!

Very often, through a series of events, events that we impose on ourselves and on each other, we find that reconciliation necessarily emanates from a great inner work.

Finding solutions to try to reconcile and do everything to keep your husband or wife, generally allows you to start over on a new basis.

These basis, also known as the new foundations, are undoubtedly healthier, more sincere and more fulfilling.

When it all starts with acceptance

Well beyond self-esteem, here we are going to address the subject of acceptance, because in order to be able to experience a situation comfortably, we must first accept it.

Acceptance begins with a discovery of oneself, of our own truth and of our conception of our relationship.

So, it would be helpful that each person in the relationship could discover this deep truth, but at the stage of separation, this seems difficult for many couples.

There are two watchwords for acceptance, I have been working with these in intuitive coaching for years and I can tell you, that there are two mistakes that you will have to avoid if you want to get the love of your ex back again  and those two mistakes are haste and indecision.

Haste causes an unrestrained spirit, amplifies resentment, and breeds frustration.

As for indecision, it engenders doubt, I do, I don’t, I will go, I won’t go, I call them, I shouldn’t call them.

Decision making

Whatever happens, there is always a decision to be made, whether it is to leave your partner or to do everything to win them back. It must be your inner conviction, I suggest that you leave no room for doubt, or it will bring the love that there is between you into question.

This inability to make decisions puts us into a position of feeling of out of control and creates the largest amounts ​​of co-dependency in us all.

The process of progressing to find love in the relationship and thus avoid separation, will remain an individual process during which it will be essential to avoid making certain mistakes, while being indulgent with yourself, as we are not Saints. What matters in a relationship is being willing to take certain actions. When faced with certain measures, we sometimes seem to hesitate for fear of losing the other person  and tend to take no more action.

Expecting perfection slows down the process of reunion and reconciliation within the relationship.

To act may be good, ieven very good, but it will be necessary to act in a relaxed manner.

If you have no resistance to change, if you are willing to do anything to save your relationship from breaking up, then you are ready to take some action. To date, only intuitive coaching has proven its worth in reconciling relationships.

You mean a lot to him/her and you want him/her to come back to you, just like it was on the first day.

I can help you in your process.

Together, we will discover, according to their sensitivity and their character, how you can rekindle the flame of love with your beloved... To know all the options available to you and to save your relationship every time.

Finding love isn't always easy, thousands of singles won't say any different.

Saving a relationship is one of the best proofs of love there is, and when we have love, we must do everything to keep it.

Let me be your inner guide, the guide who will save your relationship from break up.


Do you want to resolve your problems and save your relationship?

Yes, I want to!