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The Solution for a Second Chance!

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How to give your relationship a second chance, when everything seems lost?

If you are here, it is surely because you are convinced that you have not yet reached the end of your relationship and, I do not know through which divine force, you are ready to give the other person a second chance.

 You loved each other, you tore each other apart, you broke up? Betrayal, mistakes, weariness ... You could say there is a plethora of choices of bad experiences in a relationship. Breaking up doesn't have to be a finality, and some couples have achieved what many thought was impossible. "When you love, you are never a loser".

Let’s keep an open mind!

I'll start this article by giving you a good dose of hope, since in a society where getting back into a relationship with your "ex" is gaining ground, anything is possible for couples who have found how to do this. We all know a couple who broke up, then got back together more than once, where the second chance becomes the third, then the fourth ... And if we continue with that ray of hope, we know that nowadays, things have changed a lot and many couples are ready to try the experience of saving their relationship and starting over again with their love story.  That having been said, and to stay clear-headed, second chances are not an alternative that works for all couples. Let’s look at the different options together.

In what context do we mean a second chance?

Although we know that in a relationship everything is not always rosy and that some say that everything is not forever, I remain convinced that all problems have their solutions.

When we talk about the term second chance, very often and in 60% of cases, if I may say so, it is about giving a second chance to the other person, following an extra-marital relationship.

The other 40% are in a relationship where neither party has cheated on the other, where the need to take a break is felt by one of the partners. The requested break suggests a long-term separation, which is not very reassuring either. This positioning is very different from the one whose break up was caused by infidelity and lies.

To give your relationship a second chance, it will be important to position yourself into the mindset of the person that wishes to leave.

It is obvious that a person who leaves a relationship has reasons that often their own reasoning does not understand. What is to be taken into consideration are the behaviours adopted during the last six months preceding this need to end the relationship.

The third person

The third person

Whatever the reason mentioned above, it will also be necessary to have a perfect understanding of your partner's close entourage, who play a major role in the relationship and who, in the great majority of cases, do not at all give good advice.

The solution

While communication remains the cornerstone of your relationship, the difficulty lies in your ability to adapt to change. The life of a couple is not a single, long, calm river and even if love is still present, the second chance must be carefully considered, to avoid any problem of resentment and especially in the long term, to avoid the reproaches which could inevitably lead you to another breakup.

Learning the lessons of the crisis you have just experienced will not be the only condition, the one and only condition will be to know the behaviour to adopt to manage the current situation. To rekindle the flame in your relationship, so that love triumphs in the long term and so that new love can be recommenced.

Can't you imagine a future without your partner? And are you ready to make more than just some concessions?


I will give you as much advice and guidance as possible to help you overcome the painful stage of separation and then be able to develop your strategy for getting to the point of a second chance.

Intuitive coach for many years and a relationship specialist, I offer you an in-depth study of your relationship to give your relationship a second chance.

We often hear that everyone deserves a second chance!  So then, why not you?


Yes How can I give my couple a second chance?

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